A Winelovers Getaway

Deep red wine put the vineyard regions around Chianti, in centre Italy’s Tuscany, on the winelovers’ map of the world.

Wines from the Estate

Poggio al Casone is a natural oasis and a “hunting respect zone”.

The entire Estate is trained with natural viticulture, that means to use organic procedures in cultivation methods and vine training. It is a method using viticulture practices of various organic ecological and biodynamic systems, integrated by a wide research and experimental program aiming to the development of new methods to reduce the impact of chemicals and mechanical interference on soil and vines.


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Sustainable Product

Keeping biodiversity in Poggio al Casone wildlife , is the expression of an organic agriculture that has renounced to any product or procedure damaging nature.

Natural Product

Produced by using only natural means, avoiding chemistry.

Organic Grapes

Featuring 100% organic grapes, rediscovering the great values of an antique vine-growing process.

Man Behind The Wine

Piergiorgio Castellani.

Piergiorgio Castellani

Winemaker and Development Manager of Castellani Spa

Meet the Italian winemaker behind Castellani wine, Piergiorgio Castellani, believing that products can be made better for both the consumer and the environment while still maintaining an affordable purchase price, creating a new standard for Italian wines.

The Wine Tour

Discover the wine, the prime nature of the earthen prize.