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Farm Colombini was born in early 1900 in Crespina, in the province of Pisa, and finds its roots in the work of current owner’s grandfather, Alessandro Colombini. The wars, the agricultural exodus, industrialization, the transition from traditional agriculture to that of chemistry in production: these are the steps marked over the years, this company in the “Val D’era” area. Until 1998, the year in which the company takes the conversion to organic farming. A choice that will prove successful. Today the company works across 18 hectares of land, of which about 15 are cultivated with vegetables, orchard and 1 to 2 hectares of olive groves, all strictly certified organic.

Organic farm means establishing a pact of solidarity with the environment and nature, producing sustainably and responsibly. In 1998 the company has abandoned the use of chemical, worried about the consequences it would have on those who worked there and consumers, by adopting the typical traditional agriculture production techniques (from the green manure intercropping, by the mulches) rotations,strictly based on respect for man and the earth, an immense good that there was left but above all we will leave to our children.

This way of life, this change of course in the sign of a sustainable economy in full respect of nature and growing seasons, gave birth to a new business model, characterized by the enhancement of ethical consumption of human labor and agricultural production .

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