La Cattura Toscana IGT: The Story

And like every year we renewed the traditional event with the Capture of Hares in Poggio al Casone.The Capture of the Hares is non violent hunting activity, no animal has been wounded or killed.
The Capture’s celebration is an event which takes place in Poggio al Casone every year in February, and it announces the new season’s beginning. A weekend is dedicated to the wild hare’s capture, an activity celebrating without cruelty the ancient hunting art that has always been joining man and countryside in Tuscany.The hare, that somewhere else is considered harmful for the vineyard, can live here undisturbed among our vineyard rows, feeding on the several types of wild grass. The whole surrounding area is repopulated every year thanks to the wild hares bred in our vineyard.Hares, together with fishes and ducks living in the farm’s pond are witnesses of the complete natural features of our agriculture.

Following the event a happy and large group lunch, where you can eat typical of our area and you can drink wine that takes its name from this tradition, “The Capture” of Poggio al Casone.

La Cattura Toscana IGT


Toscana IGT




85% Teroldego, 15% Syrah



Vinification and refinement

This Tuscan Cru has received great appreciation for its originality and freshness. It stands out with positive judgement from the wine-tasting commission organized by the Province of Pisa to rate the wine that aspire to the new DOC Terre di Pisa.  This wine, which name has been inspired but the annual capture of wild hares bred in the natural setting of the vineyards, is the expression of an organic agriculture that has renounced to any product or procedure damaging nature, rediscovering the great values of an antique vine-growing process. The wine is made with a selection of Teroldego and Syrah grapes and refined for 12 months in oak barrels.


Purple red colour, on the note is shows notes of red berries, blackberries and hints of white pepper; in the mouth it is medium-bodied, fresh, velvety with well integrated tannins.

Food Pairings

Mediterranean pasta dishes, poultry and vegetable soups. Serve at room temperature.

Man Behind The Wine

Meet Piergiorgio Castellani.

Piergiorgio Castellani

Winemaker and Development Manager of Castellani Spa

Meet the Italian winemaker behind Castellani wine, Piergiorgio Castellani, believing that products can be made better for both the consumer and the environment while still maintaining an affordable purchase price, creating a new standard for Italian wines.

The Wine Tour

Discover the wine, the prime nature of the earthen prize.

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