The Harvest Season

In September and October it’s possible to see our workers picking the grapes, directly on the vineyards.

The Harvest

For us who have always been working in the vineyard each harvest is like the first one: we are always excited and supportive. During this period we are definitely “under pressure”and full of vitality.

Easy escape

Surely we can say that for the moment everything is going well and the recent rains have brought the optimal hydration, so long awaited. We are pleased to have received confirmation of a careful and precise work throughout the year, with careful management of the soil, maintaining with care the vegetative-productive balance dictated by the course of nature.

Even today, walking through the harvested vineyards it is a sight that gratifies us in following our path.


When : In September / October it’s possible to see the Harvest together with our workers, directly on the vineyards.

Harvest Season At The Estate
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This is a stunning set of apartments. located in a beautiful vineyard. The apartments were spotless and furnished to a high quality. There was plenty of equipment in the kitchens for cooking. The grounds were looked after and the staff clearly take huge pride in this hotel.
Eleanor B“Amazing stay in stunning tuscany location”