• Poggio al Casone : A Stylish Guide by a Star Florist, Simone Sardelli

    Meet the Man behind the flowers

A bouquet of flowers have had a timeless ability to convey so many different types of emotions like: ‘I love you’, ‘Congratulations!’ or ‘I’m sorry’. They have a magical way of changing a mood. Florists are still the artisans making the flowers but the mobile on-demand era has changed the way they get ordered and delivered.

Welcome to Simone Sardelli Flower Studio Shop, an inspirational working florist driven by a vision to create beautiful, original flower gifts and bouquets. All his products are hand-made and no mass produced products will be found in his range.

Scent, colour, form and quality drive his creative designs including luxury hand-tie bouquets, supreme cut-flower, contemporary vases and seasonal plants. Fresh flowers and plants are delivered daily into our Estate in Tuscany to ensure all our flower gifts and bouquets are as fresh as possible.

Supplying inspiring and creative designs using fresh premier flowers and all wrapped up in a friendly service!

Learn more, and book your bouquet at the time of your arrival!! http://www.simonesardellifiori.it/