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Charme, nature, a warm welcome for a memorable holiday in Tuscany.

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The Estate

The Poggio al Casone vineyard is located on the first hills overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea in the municipality of Crespina, an ancient castle in the province of Pisa. In the heart of the vineyards are located the main villa and the old houses built during the Leopoldina era (circa 1800) and recently restored respecting their history, now set of the wine experi- mentation centre of the Castellani Family and of a renowned resort farmhouse. The vineyards cover about 32 hectares of alluvial soils consisting of tufaceous sands alternating with layers of gravel from river result of repeated flooding of the mouth of Arno river. The location of the vineyard at the confluence of the Arno valley and the plains overlooking the sea, is one of the elements that makes the area particularly vocated to the production of quality wines, thanks to the deep and draining soils, sea breezes and intense brightness. The entire vineyard has been subject of repeated renovations in the 60s by engineer Sarti, inventor of the Vespa engine, and then by the Castellani Family who, since 1995 – year of the acquisition – has turned the estate into one of the most famous ones of coastal Chianti. The Poggio al Casone estate hosts the experimental vineyards of the University of Pisa dedicated to the resear- ch and preservation of local varieties.

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Castellani Winery

Over 100 years.

The Castellani’s business was established in Montecalvoli at the end of the 19th century as Alfred, long-standing wine grower, decides to start bottling and selling his wine. In 1903 the business is officially registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Pisa.


We aim to make your stay enjoyable !

Michela Beltrami

Poggio al Casone Director

During your stay I will be at your disposal for any information and suggestion.
She can personalize and organize all your special requests for accomodation and try to be your “five star helper”.
The caretakers, Diego and Anna, live on the Estate and do not hesitate to ask them for assistance in case of need.
Enjoy your stay!

Piergiorgio Castellani

Winemaker and Development Manager of Castellani Spa

Meet the Italian winemaker behind Castellani wine, Piergiorgio Castellani, believing that products can be made better for both the consumer and the environment while still maintaining an affordable purchase price, creating a new standard for Italian wines.

Poggio al Casone Staff

Great things are never done by one or two persons. They are done by a team of people.

They Say About Us

We can recommend Poggio al Casone as a wonderful place for relaxing, sight-seeing-tours, beach trips and or just having a good glass of wine on the terasse or in front of your home.
Marriedgirl2016“Wonderful honeymoon trip”
One of our top vacations! This place is absolutely amazing and very peaceful. The lodging was perfect and the wine was fantastic. Luckily Trader Joes in the US carries their wine! Further, it is in an ideal location to hit Florence by train, Pisa, and even the beach.
GoHokies06“10 stars!”
A lovely place in a quiet location, but close to some great places to visit. The rooms are immaculate, the whole place is so clean, the pool is delightful and the surrounding vineyards are very tranquil.
Nicky E“The most perfect holiday!”